Your questions answered ...

FAQ in general

  • Why do I have to sign a Service Agreement … ?
    The Service Agreement we ask you to sign is there for the protection of both parties. For you, it is a commitment that we will have in place trained staff, appropriate insurance and an understanding of the importance of keeping your data private. For In Wealth, it provides a commitment from you to pay for any services rendered as well as any collection costs associated with non payment.
  • Can you provide more clarity around your privacy policy and procedures … ?
    Absolutely. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed directly via this link. Further details will be provided during the on-boarding process and will cover topics such as the security measures in place and our reporting processes.
  • What are your fees … ?
    We detail our fee structure to you during initial discussions and follow that up with a fee schedule when we email our information pack. While our fee schedule is structured quite simply, we feel it’s important to walk through the fee schedule to ensure there are no misunderstandings in relation to it.
  • What is your workflow process … ?
    Once the Service Agreement is returned, we can begin preparing your SoA’s. Your SoA requests can be emailed to plans@inwealth.com.au. Jess, our workflow co-ordinator, will then quote your SoA and allocate it to one of our friendly paraplanners. Our paraplanners will be in touch within 24 hours with any queries they may have and an SoA will be returned to you within 5 working days.
  • Are your paraplanners qualified … ?
    We select only the brightest and best paraplanners to join our team. Each paraplanner has undergone rigorous background checks and all of our paraplanners have at least RG146 compliance and undergo continue CPD development. Finally, all are trained in preparing plans the “In Wealth” way, which maximises efficiency and accuracy.
  • I like one of your paraplanners, can I request that they do my plans going forward… ?
    Where possible, we like to align at least two paraplanners with an adviser so as to build a rapport between the adviser and the paraplanners. We try to grant requests for specific paraplanners where possible, however this is subject to availability and workflow requirements.